The Lady Behind the Lens


My name is Samantha Ramos, and I'm a portrait photographer based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. I am a mommy to three ornery littles and wife to a very patient husband! 


I first picked up my camera when my oldest child was only 2. Like a lot of mothers, I wanted to capture memories of my babies. With every click, I was able to pause a moment in time. Those are moments we don't get back, but through photography, we are able to hold onto those moments forever.


A few years passed, and my photos got better. I thought my pictures were good, but I wanted them to be great! I have a drive in me that can't be satiated thanks to my very competitive family! Now, I am on a mission to better my photographs.


I, from time to time, enlisted the help and knowledge of my cousins, Rich and Lori Jackson. They are what has taken my photography to the next level. I have countless times called them to ask questions (sometimes stupid I'm sure!), and I am forever grateful for the two of them!


So here we are now! I have developed my own style and eye, and I am eager to capture those special moments for you. I love photographing children and families, catching those candid moments of love and orneriness!


Feel free to email or call me if you have any questions or just want to chat. I look forward to creating and capturing memories for you!



Photos courtesy of Nichelle Howell Photography