Welcome to my little space of the internet. If you have found yourself here, you must be a bit curious about me. My name is Samantha Ramos. I am 28 years old with three beautifully, chaotic children and wife to a very patient husband. 

     I started my photography journey 5 years and two children ago. I wanted to be able to document the special moments of my children's lives. I loved the moments I was able to save for my family and myself so much, I wanted to share that feeling with others. 

     I love the feeling I get when I watch two people fall in love or watching kids explore new things for the first time. I love the moments that aren't scripted and are completely organic; the oopsies and the uh-ohs, the belly laughter or the tears you get from loving someone so much you just have no other way to show it. 

     I want to create and capture connection and emotion, laughter and tears. I love raw moments that you can remember without looking at photographic proof. Those moments that make your heart skip a beat and either make you smile like a weirdo or bring tears to your eyes. 

     I try to incorporate a few posed moments so you can have photos your grandparents can hang on a wall or show to their friends. Mostly though, I like those moments in between!

     I consider myself a professional light chaser, but I am also friends with the shadows. For without one, the other cannot exist.

     I'd love nothing more than to help you create these moments for you and your family! Drop me an email or give me a call, and let's make moments you'll remember for life!



Photos courtesy of Nichelle Howell Photography